WooCommerce Elements

WooCommerce Elements

Visual Composer Extensions includes a variety of elements for the popular WooCommerce plugin. Most of those elements represent the standard shortcodes that come with WooCommerce. For those elements, no extra styling of functionality will be added by Visual Composer Extensions. All styling and features will come from WooCommerce or your theme, if your theme is applying some customizations. In order for those elements to work, you need to have WooCommerce 2.1+ installed and activated.

Standard WooCommerce Elements with Visual Composer 4.4.0+

Starting with v4.4.0, the native Visual Composer plugin includes its own set of elements, representing the standard WooCommerce shortcodes. Therefore, if this add-on detects a VC version of 4.4.0 or higher, it will not provide its own elements for the WooCommerce standard shortcodes anymore, as the one included with VC will take priority. All custom shortcodes (elements) will of course still be available.

List of Default / Standard Shortcodes

  • Cart [ woocommerce_cart ]
  • Checkout [ woocommerce_checkout ]
  • Order Tracking Page [ woocommerce_order_tracking ]
  • My Account Page [ woocommerce_my_account ]
  • Recent Products [ recent_products ]
  • Featured Products [ featured_products ]
  • Single Product by ID or SKU [ product ]
  • Multiple Products by ID or SKU [ products ]
  • Add To Cart Button by ID [ add_to_cart ]
  • Add To Cart URL by ID [ add_to_cart_url ]
  • Single Product Page [ product_page ]
  • Multiple Products by Category [ product_category ]
  • Products Category Loop [ product_categories ]
  • Products on Sale [ sale_products ]
  • Best Selling Products [ best_selling_products ]
  • Top Rated Products [ top_rated_products ]
  • Products with Attribute [ product_attribute ]
  • Related Products [ related_products ]
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